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Explore The Universe And Its Endless Opportunities

Experience Infinite Possibilities And Freedom As You Grow To Become The Most Powerful Player Ever Known!
Become a Merchant
You know the galaxy and its corners like the back of your hand. You make great profit in buying items at one place and selling them at another.
You may also help other big alliances to move their cargo from one place to another if the price is right.
Become a Miner
You have specialized in the different materials of asteroids and know where to get the best price for them.
You are also on a journey to find the most valuable asteroids ever known to humanity.
Become a Manufacturer
You are a skilled craftsman who creates everything that other pilots currently need the most.
You have come a long way to achieve a very high success rate on even your most powerful creations.
Become a Pirate
You are a dangerous person that others don't even want to meet in their darkest dreams.
You know when to go in for a good catch and when to remain silently in the back.
Become an Explorer
You are on a constant lookout for the most valuable goods found in abandoned structures in space.
You jump from system to system and scan for hidden exploration sites containing lots of treasure.

100% Community Driven

Be A Part Of An Awesome Community And Help Shaping The Future Of The Game!
Community Polls
Every major gameplay / ui change has to be approved by the community in order to get into the game.
A consent of at least 75 percent is required. The community can also see on what specific poll I am working on at the moment.
Dedicated Forum
Stellar Invictus has its own dedicated forum for its community to discuss every single aspect of the game.
You can also give new suggestions or ideas for the game which will then result in ingame polls.